Heavy jewelry has never been a choice as a part of corporate wear. While some women never like to wear jewelry for work, with the humongous options in intricate jewelry, some do not like going to the office without flaunting their dainty jewelry pieces as it is ladies’ best friend, right? Out of the different jewelry options, gold earrings have a different place in a woman’s life.


How a gold locket with name personalization is a unique jewelry trend that has been doing the rounds, and an unusual design of earrings catches the same attention when working during work. To help you out, we have listed here some of the gold earrings that you must own to jazz up everyday style of your corporate wear making a different style statement minimalistically.

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Gold studs:

Just as the name suggests, gold studs are the type of earrings that come in different sizes and shapes to enhance the corporate look without distracting the work culture. Whether in a tiny star shape, circular, heart, triangle, or abstract shape, these have the power to enhance the outfit and add that elegant charm to your face.


Gold hoops:

Remember the childhood days when we had gone to school making a style statement by wearing a pair of tiny gold hoops with our school uniform? Such a stylish daily wear gold earring never loses its charm whatever the age. By pairing a pair of gold hoops with office, you would trench the cliché gold earring by making a classic statement just with a pair of hoops. Whatever the design of the hoop, it can form any type of corporate appearance extremely fashionable.

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Mini gold drops:

Drop earrings are never out of fashion and are a rage as they are pretty and endearing which oozes attractiveness. While large hanging earrings are not recommended for office wear, mini gold earrings drop are a perfect pair with ethnic wear like a saree, salwar kurta, or kurti legging to flaunt the love for dainty jewelry. If you are the one who is always head over heels for ethnic wear, this is a must-have piece of jewelry so that you can wear different styles for work to break the monotony.


Tiny jhumkas:

If you love sizable earrings, and the soft sound of earrings while shaking your head, the best kind of earrings at work would be the tiny jhumkas. However, it may sound loud at work, but the dainty design in mini-size jhumkas adds a distinct kind of prettiness to not just your face but your ethnic appearance. Thus, don’t forget to complete the ethnic look with jhumkas and pair it with jootis to add that charisma to the gaze.

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Diamond stud earrings:

Even if diamonds are expensive, they are girls’/ladies’ best friends. If you spend a sum of money on such a pair of earrings, you won’t regret it as flaunting diamond stud earrings at the office would not just shape your appearance beautiful but confident and uber stylish too. Own a diamond earring in any appealing design and wear it for years to come to flaunt your boss lady style.


Whether you dress as per your mood or dress to live in your mood, Melorra has got it covered for you with gold earrings for office wear. These pairs of earrings are tough to overlook and are going to be the conversation starter so shop and flaunt your style like never before.

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