Did you ever notice that the leather jacket that wear for a long time now suddenly start showing signs of wear and also start tearing from some points? This happened because when you wear a leather jacket or a leather coat for a time its condition gets worse and worse due to the dust and debris which is absorbed by the leather jacket.

If this happens you can renovate or repair your leather jacket by the following steps on your own. These steps are so easy that you can easily repair your leather jacket at your home at a very low cost.

Clean Your Jacket Regularly:

It is a great practice if you clean your leather jacket regularly or after some time because as mentioned above leather jacket absorbs dust from the air which causes it to decay if you leave it unchecked.

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The easiest way to clean your leather jacket is the “Spot Cleaning Method” in this method you just required only two things first a damp cloth and second a dishwashing liquid or dish soap. Gently apply dish soap on the spot where you see dust rub the soap on that spot and gently clean it with a damp cloth. In this easy way, you can clean your jacket at home easily.

Do Damage Inspect Regularly:

After cleaning your leather jacket, the next step is to inspect any sort of damage on it however the leather jacket that is made up of real and quality leather never experiences any kind of damage because real leather always sustains a lot of damage when goes under high physical stress.

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But it will be great when you inspect your leather jacket regularly for any kind of damage and if you find any damage immediately repair it because it can spread and cause additional damage to your leather jacket.

Keep Your Jacket Always Dry:

To keep your jacket’s appearance alive for decades the basic and the most powerful technique is to keep your leather jacket dry as long as you can. Because a genuine leather jacket is just like a sponge who if once get in contact with water it can absorb it and hold the water for a very long time.

Normally if your leather jacket is in contact with water for a prolonged time it never causes any serious damage but it starts decaying your jacket which is the real problem for you and your jacket. If you are using your jacket on a rainy day, simply use a towel to dry your jacket and never use any dryer, and never set it in the direct sunlight let the jacket dry naturally with time.

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Apply Leather Conditioner On Your Leather Jacket Regularly:

Probably the most important and useful step to rejuvenate your leather jacket is to regularly condition your jacket. Conditioning means applying any sort of hydrating product to keep your jacket nourished for long period or there are special conditioners are available in the market which is specially made for leather products.

The basic purpose of conditioning your leather jacket it keeps save it from drying out but being safe too much moisture also led leather to damage. So only apply these conditioners when you feel that your leather jacket is looking dry.

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Do not Wash Your Jacket In Washing Machine:

As we all know that leather jackets are not washable in washing machines. So, you do not ever try to wash your leather jacket in a washing machine, if you do it can easily destroy your leather jacket and if your jacket gets wet do not dry in the dryer or do not use any heating device to dry it.

As we above said that if your leather jacket is in the contact with water for a long period, the moisture that s absorbed by the jacket seriously damaged it and your product starts decaying which leads to serious trouble.

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Replace Missing Accessories On Time:

A Leather Jacket with its accessories creates a very bad impact for the viewer as well as the wearer. So, another way to renovate your leather jacket is to replace the accessories on time. If your jacket contains buttons on it and you lose one of them somewhere all you need is a thread, a needle and a replacement button and you can renew your jacket at home. If your leather jacket contains a zip and it did not work properly then you must replace it on time.

If you are willing to do these tasks at your home then you should go for it. But if you are not comfortable doing it at home you should visit your local tailor and get replaced your jacket’s accessories on time and this will keep your leather jacket as new as you buy it.

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Consider Replacing If Things Get Out of Hands:

The last option for a leather jacket owner is to replace its jacket if its current leather jacket is severely damaged and he doesn’t renovate it properly because a minor damaged jacket can be repaired easily. In some cases, if your jacket shrinks and doesn’t fit you can also go for the replacement option.

A high-quality leather jacket can last at least for a decade if it is managed properly and will be a successful and smart investment for all leather jackets conscious men and women.


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