The decision of sending your loved one into a nursing home is never easy. It might be questioned why the elderly even need to be placed in nursing homes in the first place. The answer to this question is the senior citizen’s growing need for more advanced and holistic care that a caregiver at home cannot provide.

A nursing home serves as a viable option for caregivers unable to address the needs of their loved ones. Once the decision is made, several factors play a crucial role in selecting a suitable nursing home.

Selecting a Nursing Home Facility

Family members always want to ensure their loved ones are taken care of in the best possible manner. When choosing a nursing home facility, a few factors should be considered, which include:

  • Asking about the patient-to-staff ratio, which means if the ratio is larger, the residents are less likely to receive personalized care due to the insufficient number of staff members.
  • The quality of food served matters a lot in terms of how satisfied the residents are. While considering their options, family members should visit nursing facilities around mealtime to inspect the food quality.
  • The location of the nursing facility matters a lot as it improves the patient’s mental well-being if family members pay frequent visits.

Although every factor is crucial, the patient-to-staff ratio plays a critical role as it directly impacts the quality of care, chances of elder abuse, and lack of accountability. However, elders can now seek help from a nursing home abuse lawyer to hold the staff legally accountable for negligence and ill-treatment.

You should never act upon the decision to send your loved one to a nursing facility until you have considered all the Pros and Cons.


Socializing Opportunities

Aging is irreversible, but it can be slowed down. Social events are an excellent opportunity to establish new friendships and bonds. Nursing facilities organize several social activities and events that serve as enjoyment for older people and slow down the process of aging.

Often, in a home environment, the elderly members feel isolated or have difficulty finding someone of a similar mindset to talk to. Seniors at the nursing home are more likely to find and engage with people of similar age groups.

Seniors at nursing homes are more at ease as they share life experiences and interact when they want to with their peers. This helps them chase away loneliness, an uninvited guest in old age.

Full-Time Care

Looking after the needs of elderly adults is not an easy job because as they grow old, they are not as active as they were at a young age. Old people, as a result, are unable to perform daily tasks or look after themselves. The staff at the nursing facility ensures that your loved one is taken care of.

Nursing homes provide qualified healthcare professionals who provide medical care on the spot without any delays. Nurses among the trained staff help patients manage physical needs and prevent symptoms of any new and developing illnesses.


One of the key benefits of living in a nursing home is a controlled and planned lifestyle. With age, elders prefer to live by routine, which can often be affected by children and other family members sharing the space.

A structured routine at a nursing home means meals are offered at certain times and social activities are scheduled on specific days. Routine helps seniors manage daily tasks that many aging adults cannot carry out due to declining health.


Lack of Freedom

It might be difficult to convince your loved one to move to a nursing home, especially when they have lived independent lives. Older adults feel uncomfortable moving into a nursing home because of the regimented schedule they have to follow, which doesn’t allow much freedom to do anything.

Living in a nursing home will surely improve the health of your loved ones but they might feel a loss of sense of independence that was a huge part of their lives. Shifting from an independent to a controlled environment can take time to adjust.


The facilities and quality care offered at nursing homes come with a cost that will be heavy on the pocket. It is also the biggest downside of nursing homes. Family members have to pay thousands to send the elder members into a nursing facility. Nursing homes are expensive however monthly costs vary depending on factors such as amenities, the extent of care, the standard of the facility and expertise of staff available.

If your loved one has planned out their retirement or set aside enough money to cover the nursing home expenses, it will relieve you and them from financial stress. Although, it will be difficult for those who haven’t saved extra money to go to a nursing home.


It might be hard to imagine that an elderly might be subjected to abuse at a nursing home but it is a sad reality. It is also why family members are reluctant to send their loved ones there. Abuse occurs when the staff is untrained to help older people. Poorly trained employees easily become frustrated and stressed when they are inefficient at handling tasks. In such circumstances, the elderly become a punching bag for relieving stress.

Factors that also contribute to nursing home abuse include understaffing and poor pay. Recognizing the signs of nursing home abuse is an effective way to protect your loved ones from further harm. It is always better to seek a reference from friends or community members to find a trustworthy nursing home for your old family member.


When your loved ones need the quality care they deserve, it is time to place them in a nursing facility. Besides, taking care of the elderly on your own will leave you feeling drained and mentally exhausted. It especially becomes grueling when you have to look after someone who is not independent.

No doubt, deciding to send your loved one to a nursing home will be tough but, it is best for their health. When choosing the perfect nursing home, consider the crucial factors and the pros and cons of the nursing homes to make an informed decision.


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