What is the PTE exam?

PTE exam stands for Pearson Test of English and a computer-based language and academic test conducted by the Pearson PLC group. All educational institutions around the world accept this test. PTE exam is taken to test the English of students who desire to study abroad. Such students prove their English language competency through this exam. The PTE exam is attached with booking fees of about 14700/- inclusive of all taxes.

PTE exam is powered by artificial intelligence technology and designed to provide convenient testing solutions. In 2009, Pearson inc. launched first PTE academic test. PTE academic 2022 has now been conducted at home, after covid for the safety of the candidates. The exam duration is changed from 3 hours to 2 hours from November 16, 2021. The PTE exam is fully computerized, so results are also declared quicker from other English proficiency test exams within two business days.

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Is The PTE Exam Easy or Tough?

PTE exam is not as much tough compared to other English proficiency tests. It is quite easy because it is computerized based. If students went for ILETS and got a score of 6, but actual scores are listening 6, reading 6, writing 5.5, and speaking 6. If students took the PTE exam and got 66% with the same preparation is considered 7 according to ILETS. Some facts make clearer that the PTE exam is much easier than other proficiency test exams:

  • In the speaking section of this exam, students just speak in that way computer recognizes their voice and spoken words should be understood.
  • In a writing test, 200 words paragraph is required to be wite in speed. This exam writing section tests the ability to type and think quickly.
  • Students need to remove the unwanted paragraph in the reading section and give the correct and right answer.
  • Last is the listening section, which tests the student’s hiring ability and checks the understanding of different slangs of the English language.
  • This test is easy to understand and easier to be given.
  • The whole exam is computer-based which is more comfortable to handle for students because people feel more comfortable in the era of the computer.
  • According to other English proficiency test exams, the registration process is also simple. The result is also declared as quicker in 2 business days.
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PTE academic 2022 exam is easier and requires fewer student efforts because it can now be given at home. Sample questions and answers are provided on the PTE website, which will be helpful in preparation. This exam can be cleared with a few weeks of preparation. All that is needed is a computer, and a proper internet connection students can now give this exam at home. Some, a small amount of entrance test fees is attached to it. Originally, it would be easy if students are thoroughly familiar with the exam.


PTE academic 2022 offers greater convenience to students because now, the exam can be conducted at home online after the covid 19. PTE exam test sessions run over 360 days a year in more than 50 countries. This exam tests students’ English skills who are required to study in abroad universities. This exam assesses students’ different abilities such as reading, writing, speaking, and listening.

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Check out the section wise PTE Exam Pattern at https://studyabroad.shiksha.com/exams/pte/pattern


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