When it comes to choosing the best women’s fitness clothing for your lifestyle, then certainly, a myriad of options are going to overwhelm you. Talking about the trend of fitness apparel in Canada, a large pool of people since the aftermath of COVID-19 has started chasing ethical activewear over everything else. However, we must admit that 2021 and 2022 will be more drawn close to making fitness resolutions and are already well underway. Individuals working from home have also got a list of new goals, habits, and methods to incorporate into their lives for a healthier future. 

Beginning with the fitness journey, motivation and apparel will be the major thing. We can say that athleisure is becoming a trending lifestyle norm with its versatility. In this era, where fitness is no longer a hobby but a routine lifestyle, fashion is totally about comfort and performance. 

With amazing styles and absolute comfort, bamboo activewear in Canada is ruling everywhere from workout to work and everything in between. And guess what the biggest surprise is? The global market of sustainable yoga clothes is expected to reach around $500 billion, increasing at a rate of 6.8%. Now, this indicates that the future of fashion is activewear. 

Certainly, it has changed how people now dress for work, casual outings, and the gym. But, no matter where they are, ethical activewear has become their ultimate choice in different social situations. 

Talking about what is the best activewear brand, then again, the number of options may surprise you. It is always a great idea to buy women’s gym wear from a brand that is well known for redefining the physical and social standards of women across the world. Yes, a range of fitness apparel makes you fall in love with your body and feel more confident than ever. After all, beauty comes in all sizes, shapes, and ethnicities; and the perfect workout clothes brand will always embody this. 

So now let’s get started with knowing what features make stylish, comfy, and practicable fitness apparel in Canada and that will personally let you replace your ordinary yoga pants and tee with perfect women’s sportswear. 

To aid your daily productivity and performance more, one needs to stay healthy both physically and psychologically. In the same way, when you start to wonder, “Which clothes are best for the gym? Is it a sports braor something else? you need to choose something that goes beyond your skin and makes you feel comfortable and energetic. 

Even many clinical sports scientists and psychologists have shared that if you don’t feel comfy in the apparel, you have one more thing to focus on during the sport. So make sure whatever you pick leaves you in a comfortable position and takes care of your muscles conditions, skin moisture, body temperature, and other psychological requirements. After all, emotions and comfort are important to boost performance. And your piece of fitness apparel needs to have that 4-way stretch, breathability, static resistance, chemical resistance, thermal resistance, and quick-drying features to improve your overall performance. 

No matter what season it is, most of us will always have this question, “What brands do bodybuilders wear?” or “How do bodybuilders manage the sweat and stink during training?” Well, now is the time to ditch the bad odour, sweat, and itching. Your ordinary clothes will not take care of that stink or itch, especially when you are training at the gym or even having a hectic day at work. Plus, the skin irritations are going to sound troublesome. The only solution to this is to buy women’s gym wear that is hypoallergenic and avoids discomfort throughout. As mentioned previously, bamboo activewear is trending in Canada as an anti-bacterial and hypoallergenic option while being suitable for all skin and body types. 

Did you know? 

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Athleisure and sustainable yoga clothes made with fabrics like bamboo are super-soft to the skin. They not only protect your skin from all those skin irritations, itches, and stinks but also take care of the temperature regulation and moisture balance.

Lastly, if we talk about the sustainability and durability of womens fitness clothing, it becomes a major concern to focus on. What most smart shoppers prefer is to choose quality over quantity and show some love for the planet. However, if you are also under the same mob, then certainly, your focus may lie in shopping for long-lasting gym wear that has minimal or no effect on the environment. 

Nowadays, where many fitness brands are assured to be in the same run, very few actually practise creating something sustainable that works for all. Always choose a brand that is conscious enough about the carbon footprint and mass production effects. A reliable brand will always strive to create affordable and high-quality women’s sportswear with absolute transparency and ethical and eco-friendly manufacturing practices. 

Many brands offering ethical activewear in Canada use RecoTex like fabrics to create their range of apparel. If you don’t know much about RecoTex, then let us tell you that it is an eco-friendly polyester fabric crafted with recycled water bottles. What’s more surprising is that the fabric meets the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 and certifies under the Green Mark of EPA, Global Recycled Standards, and Intertek Recycled Polyester Management System. Last but not least, even many premium fitness apparel brands prefer 100% recyclable packaging to support the planet. 

We hope that you have got an answer to all your questions like, “Where can I buy good quality women’s workout clothes?” So are you ready to make some style statements with trending activewear that is voguish, comfortable, practical, and functional enough? Let us know more about your fitness clothing; we’d love to read your recommendations. 


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