Life Insurance Corporation, one of the biggest ranking organizations available in India, lets you get plenty of advantages. Take into consideration the LIC merchant life if you want to be a part of a LIC organization. Also, the portal will guide you appropriately when you want to become part of the customers’ lives to encourage them to buy various Life Insurance policies. Log in to the LIC Merchant Portal, and with that, you will get the option to check out the details related to the business inside the organization. The official platform is highly beneficial for checking out the details related to the policy you are buying or selling. See the details associated with the loans and other information related to your policy.

Services Available with the LIC Merchant Portal

The LIC Merchant Portal will be helping you to get the numerous benefits:-

  • Generating invoices for premium collection
  • Paid invoice queries
  • Deposit invoice
  • Paying invoice online
  • Pending invoice
  • Invoice Generation with the proposal with the cashier
  • Pending invoice update
  • Receipts to get viewed
  • Totals for cashiers

LIC Merchant Portal Login Process

Do you wish to log in at the official LIC Merchant Portal? If yes, you will have to follow the simple procedure, and the steps are as follows:-

  • Visit the official website of LIC merchants while you visit the official website. The home page will open.
  • Enter your username and password
  • Enter the captcha code >>> click on submit. With the portal, you will get the option to check out the official LIC merchant portal. But ensure that all the login information is right.

The steps you need to follow with Viewing Receipts

  • Check the receipts, and for that, there is a need to follow the simple procedure:-
  • Visit the official LIC merchant website. The home page will open.
  • Enter your username and password.
  • Enter the captcha code >>>click on submit. Check out the official LIC merchant portal but make sure that the login information is right.
  • Go to Merchant Tools >>> click on ‘Queries.’
  • Click on ‘View Receipts’ with the receipt number.

Steps To Become LIC Merchant

Follow the following steps to become a LIC merchant:-

  • The candidates must be above 18 years and a citizen of India.
  • There is a need for the applicant to pass the 10th standard from the recognized board.
  • The applicant needs to hold a pan card and a birth certificate.
  • Go through an interview and training procedure at the local LIC branch.
  • Go through a 25-hour training program.

Follow the steps precisely to endure there won’t be further complications.

Final words

LIC Merchants get access to the LIC system, allowing them to view loans, surrenders, policy data, and other information. All programs get requested through LIC merchants. Also, they conduct annual premium collections in billions. Two ways to use LIC Merchant are there.


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