That is what comes to mind when thinking of diamonds. Diamonds are a rare piece of exquisite jewellery that enhance your elegance and add to your style quotient. And each piece of diamond is unique. Each piece of diamond is a miracle of time, place, and change that establishes its quality over time.

Looking for Diamond Rings Online?

And what better way to adorn your freshly manicured nails than with a diamond ring? After all, diamonds are a girl’s best friend and you can find diamond rings of unique minimal designs at Mia by Tanishq. It has an extensive collection of diamond rings of various sizes, cuts, and designs for you to choose from.

However, while shopping for diamond rings online there are some things that you should keep in mind. Here’s all you need to know. 

Cut and Shape

While buying a diamond remember to focus on the 4 Cs- cut, carat, clarity, and colour. These factors can determine everything about the stone in your diamond ring. The most crucial of these is the cut of the stone in your diamond ring.

A diamond that is well cut can significantly improve the clarity and colour of the diamond ring by masking the imperfections that may be present. It can make the diamond ring look bigger and brighter as well. 

So, while buying a diamond ring, making sure that the cut is of high quality should be kept a top priority. The round shape of the diamond is widely loved because of its classic design, however, today more and more people are experimenting with new shapes of diamond rings.

You can go with something elongated, diagonal, oval, or pear-shaped diamond rings. These unique-shaped diamond rings are sure to turn heads as soon as you walk in front of people.


One thing that directly affects the price of a diamond ring is the carat of the diamond. There are different ranges of carats you can go for according to how much you want to spend on the diamond ring. 

You must note that the prices of the carat can increase exponentially as the weight of the diamond ring increases. If you want to go with a simple ring for everyday wear you can go for a lower carat ring which would have a lower price.

Colour and Clarity

Wearing a diamond ring is all about the look and appearance, which makes the colour and clarity of the diamond important. You can decide whether or not to go with an expensive and clear diamond. If the diamond ring is for a special day, then investing in a clear diamond is the way to go.

You must look at the diamond ring carefully before you make the purchase, if the diamond ring seems coloured, then you can go for one in the lower range rather than paying more for a diamond ring that looks almost similar.

Certificate of Authenticity

Before buying a diamond ring, we are sure that you’ll be doing your research online. One of the most important things that you must always remember is to check the certificate of authenticity on your diamond ring. 

You can find many sellers online that may be selling dupes of diamond rings at super high prices, to straw away from these fraud sellers, checking the certificate on your jewellery is of prime importance.

The certificate is a guarantee that the diamond ring is of high-quality, and pure. The certificate can also come in handy in case you ever want to resell the diamond ring.

You can find some of the best designs of diamond rings at Mia by Tanishq, which you must check out as soon as possible.


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