Those who consistently pack up their homes and hit the road know that you have to think outside of the box if you want to have a pleasant move. After all, even for avid planners and highly organized individuals, moving can be time-consuming and stressful. 

Whether you love to live the nomad lifestyle or your employer frequently asks you to move for work, regular relocation requires time, money, and effort. If you’ve got the moving company on speed dial, check out these six out-of-the-packing-box tips for people who move frequently. 

Find a more permanent mail solution 

If you’re always on the go, you might worry that important mail like personal cards, medical bills, or utility notifications will get lost in the shuffle. After all, people who move frequently risk missing important paper mail if it goes to an old address or gets lost between moves. While applying for mail forwarding is an option, the situation can grow hectic after multiple relocations. Those who prefer to keep things in one place should consider finding a permanent solution for their mail.

As our world becomes increasingly digitized, you may consider investing in a permanent technological solution like a digital mailbox. That way, you can keep one digital location to intercept your correspondence and have it forwarded to your current address when it’s convenient for you. 

Invest in reusable storage 

While free or cheap cardboard boxes are highly accessible, investing in reusable storage is wise for those who are often in a residential transition. Reusable packages help to ensure your items’ safety due to their protective features. You can also get your hands on stackable or compressible boxes to help you save space and prevent mountains of cardboard boxes from accumulating in your home. What’s more, the earth will thank you for taking a more environmentally sustainable approach. 

Pack and organize your belongings

When making moves, the organization is key to preventing items from becoming damaged or lost. Keeping your belongings in order will also decrease stress and increase efficiency as you navigate the exhausting task of packing up your life. Organize and label your moving boxes by room for easy packing, and keep an inventory of what is where to avoid any potential confusion when unpacking. When organizing your relocation, prioritize your most important items, and don’t be afraid to leave your packrat tendencies behind. 

Make copies of important documents 

Those who frequently take up new residences know that losing a belonging or two during a move is nearly inevitable. While misplacing an article of clothing or a bin full of pantry supplies isn’t the end of the world, losing critical medical, legal, or personal documents can leave you in a lurch. Be sure to make copies of your important documents, such as insurance papers and birth certificates. Then, pack them in a separate box that will stay with you at all times during the move. 

Use a furniture rental company 

If you hate transporting your furniture more than you love your current living room setup, you can consider using a furniture rental company instead of lugging your oversized items to your new home. Moving heavy furniture pieces like tables, couches, and bed frames will be costly and puts the furniture at risk of damage. 

Fortunately, furniture rental companies can help furnish both temporary and permanent new homes, saving you the hassle of multiple moving van trips and couch blemishes.

Invest in equipment and accessories 

While hiring a moving company and renting moving accessories once every several years is no big deal, those who are often in transit should consider investing in their moving equipment to avoid repetitive costs. Owning your own tools will save you the trouble of borrowing or renting when you need them. Moving accessories such as tape guns and box cutters can even be helpful after the move. Other essential moving accessories include:

  • Sticky labels
  • Permanent markers
  • TV boxes
  • Cleanup-bags

Wrap up

Following these comprehensive moving tips will help you pack away your worries and enjoy your new home faster than you can say “moving van.”


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