A healthy relationship with the customer increases their satisfaction levels. Since these customers are responsible for word-of-mouth marketing of the product, a highly satisfied customer would automatically advertise more and bring new customers. Here are the 5 benefits of Salesforce automation:

Automating Salesforce protects from harmful updates and patches

Updates are necessary to ensure that the technology is up-to-date with advancing times and necessities. Salesforce updates bring fixes and new features into the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software to stay ahead of the market needs. However, sometimes these updates bring bugs and viruses with them, causing your infrastructure to crash. A longer downtime automatically means large losses. To avoid this situation, you can automate Salesforce and configure it to find vulnerabilities in updates.

Specially designed tests for top-quality checks

Every infrastructure is different, and therefore, the same tests don’t work for two different systems. When you apply a test meant for another infrastructure to your system, either that test won’t run, or it will produce unrealistic and false results. The automation software for Salesforce studies and designs specific tests for a particular infrastructure and then runs them to obtain true data. The more accurate the data is, the better you can understand your system and work for its betterment.

Time-saving due to fast tests

Manual testing failed because it was slow. When hundreds of gigabytes of data are flowing through your infrastructure, and you want to inspect it, manual testing is not the ideal option. Companies with a significant data flow always prefer automating their Salesforce for quicker tests. Naturally, faster tests imply saving time, which is the biggest asset for any enterprise. Therefore, companies that save time and invest in it properly always grow.

Zero code test scripting and automation

For small businesses and enterprises that cannot afford to hire developers, automation companies provide zero code scripting and installation. This means that you don’t need proficiency with programming or algorithms. All you need to do is use the GUI to successfully install the automation software, manage Salesforce, and script tests. Not only small companies but medium to large organizations with dedicated IT departments choose zero code automation to decrease load and avoid unnecessary complexity and clutter.

Cost savings and increased profits

With quick and efficient tests, as well as easy-to-handle automating software with a dedicated GUI, Salesforce automation not only decreases the complexity but also saves expenditure. A proficient test can find potential vulnerabilities in your infrastructure faster so you can salvage it and escape future attacks, eventually saving money. Also, sometimes, employees are restricted from using company hardware and software. With automated tests, employees won’t have to wait much before using their systems and contribute to the company’s growth, increasing profits.

About the Company

Opkey offers zero or no code Salesforce Automation for Salesforce testing and organization. The automation software mines Salesforce metadata to curate particular tests and run them on your environment to discover potential vulnerabilities.


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