Ukrainians very often encounter “terrible” terms – OTT platform and IPTV. In the OTT model, the publisher has a direct communication channel with the consumer, independent of the ISP or cable operator. IPTV is a platform that is created and controlled by the operator-supplier of telecommunications structures. The consumer interacts directly with his operator. In this sense, the IPTV operator is almost no different from the existing cable television operators.

The main services for sports fans in Ukraine are Runtv365 and OLL.TV.

From the point of view of an ordinary viewer, I will try to share my decisions and steps on how to improve the work of providing services to these companies in our country. What needs to be added, stabilized or completely removed? I will warn you right away that I am thinking from the side of a simple viewer, a user who will not tell in abstruse words and engineering terms. Then you just won’t understand me.

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Ensure the smooth operation of your service. Thoroughly test the system and only then launch and sell it

If you started selling your services, then users should be confident in your solvency. You must not let them down. Your client buys the product he needs, and you kindly have to provide it. And there are huge problems with this in Ukraine.

Very often we hear a lot of complaints about the OLL.TV service. A vivid example of this is last year’s 무료스포츠중계 of the Champions League matches. She turned into numerous complaints from customers. Poor quality broadcast of the match of your favorite club spoiled the mood of many after a hard day’s work. How could this be avoided? Just testing the load on the server. It would seem that everything is so simple, but there are some nuances. By launching such a project, the managers did not take into account the possible load on their service, or they saved on equipment.

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The most recent example of an unsuccessful broadcast is the fight between Usyk and Joshua on a special PPV subscription from RUNTV365. Some users managed to log in before the fight and watch it without problems, while others were left with nothing and had to contact technical support. This provoked a wave of hate towards the company. Absolutely reasonable and constructive.

Both services often apologize and try to keep their customers with discounts. For any novice service, it is worth analyzing these steps. It is important not to repeat them. Of course, no one will give you a hundred percent guarantee, but you need to think about it and find the right solutions.

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After everything is stable for you, organize convenient access to your product through the website and mobile application

This step is essential at this time. Otherwise, you will fail and no one will ever know about you. It is worth remembering the convenience of site functions and a successful, simple design. If a user sees that your site looks slick, they will obviously go to a competitor.

You should follow the European trends, and it is better to try to become innovators. There are many start-ups in Ukraine that can increase efficiency in this regard. A successful mobile phone application will make your work much easier in future steps.

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This is the most obvious and shortest step. More work needs to be done on it than it is described. The company must provide the user with a beautiful and exciting viewing experience. With good quality and simple interface.



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