Your home’s exterior is the first thing people see, it is the face of your home, and it is important to keep it fresh, clean, and well-maintained. Exterior painting is one of the easiest ways to give your home a fresh look. Whether you want to stick to a classic look or go bold with a new, modern design, there are plenty of ideas to consider when painting your home’s exterior.

Please keep reading for some great exterior painting designs and ideas from Thompson & Boys LLC that will allow you to transform the look of your home and make it look brand new.

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Neutral Shades: If you prefer a classic look, neutral shades are a great option for exterior painting. Creating a classic and elegant exterior for your home doesn’t have to mean sticking to a bland color palette. Neutral shades like beige, grey, and light blue offer a timeless aesthetic and versatility to your home’s exterior. You can combine these hues with darker accents like trim or shutters to create depth and add a modern touch.

So, if you want to give your home a classic yet sophisticated look, consider using neutrals for your next exterior painting project. Not only will they always stay in style, but they’ll also provide a perfect backdrop for any future decor changes you may choose to make.

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Bold and Bright: If you like to be daring and want your home to stand out, then bold and bright colors like red, yellow, or even turquoise green are great options. These colors will give your home a fun and modern look. Combine them with white trim and black shutters to create a dramatic contrast.

Remember that bold colors can fade more quickly and require more frequent touch-ups. Also, if you’re painting your home with bright and bold colors, it is important to ensure the paint job is done properly for the colors to look their best.


Two-Toned: Two-tone exterior color schemes are trending right now. This is where you use two different but complementary colors for the body of your home and the trim. The popular idea is to use a lighter color for the main body with a darker shade for the trim. This creates depth and adds interest to your home’s exterior.

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Earth Tones: Earth tones may seem dull at first glance, but they can bring a soothing and welcoming aura to your home’s exterior. Colors such as brown, rust, and olive may remind you of autumn leaves or the earthy scent after rainfall. These natural shades can seamlessly blend with almost any landscape, enhancing the beauty of the surrounding nature and giving a sense of continuity to your home.

Darker earth tones, in particular, work well with stone or brick homes, creating a sense of elegance and timelessness. You can showcase your love for the great outdoors with earth tones and create a warm, inviting atmosphere for guests and loved ones.

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Monochrome: Monochrome color schemes use multiple shades of the same color. This is a great way to create depth and add visual interest to your home. For example, you can use a lighter or darker shade of blue combined with a navy blue trim. This will create a cohesive look that is both chic and stylish.


Whether you prefer a classic look or want to try something bold and new, these Exterior Painting Dallas designs and ideas will help you transform the look of your home. After all, the exterior of your home is the first impression people will get. Remember to choose quality paint and hire a professional to do the job correctly. Feel free to experiment with some of these ideas and paint your home a new look by painting it today.

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