There are countless home items you can choose to hang on the walls to make your interior design vision come to life. From decorative plates, framed art, prints, mirrors and shelves. To the homeowners who prefer the minimalist style, they can leave their walls bare by not putting up anything or just a couple of minimalist pieces.

Wall Baskets

If you are not one, then it is now a challenge to decide how and what to decorate your bare walls. Should you mix it up or try something different, than the usual pictures on the wall? One decorative idea that has gained popularity is putting up wall baskets. Although a bit unusual than what you may typically find on the walls, these baskets are great decoration ideas to give a try. If you want to consider getting wall baskets, this article might be for you.

Get to Know What a Wall Basket is And Its Purpose at Home

Since wall baskets are trendy home decor, many makers came up with different styles, colors, sizes, shapes, and designs that you can hang on the wall. You can choose to put up one or two baskets. But there is a popular arrangement you might want to try. It is called a basket wall, where multiple baskets are arranged asymmetrically or in an aesthetic manner. This design is indeed a game-changer in the design industry. 

Another interesting thing about wall baskets is that they are sometimes confused with hanging baskets. The latter is a basket hung through a small chain or rope secured through the ceiling. And if you are planning to establish a beautiful garden, these hanging baskets can help grow decorative flowering plants. 

Different Uses of a Wall Basket

A trendy collection of wall baskets up on the wall can be a nice conversation starter with guests. Aside from being a great décor idea, there are plenty of uses for these baskets. 

Decoration – With numerous designs, styles, shapes, and colors to choose from, it is a great idea you can use to fill up any bare walls in your house. 

Plant Holder – These baskets are also great for holding items such as faux greenery or potted plants. The height differences can hold any plant of your choice. The baskets with cascading greeneries and unique pots with artificial plants will become a focal decoration point. Making your wall space pop with refreshing colors.  

Storage –  What is great about these wall baskets is that they can be a decoration and storage. It is a way of maximizing your small space and keeping your other house items safe. Large baskets that can hold up more items are a recommended purchase so you can put in books, art materials, and more.

Start Considering Putting Up Wall Baskets

We must admit that we want to hang up so many things on our walls. There are precious picture frames, a beautiful art pieces, or a 3D wall decor. But you might want to consider hanging wall baskets too. As you will notice from scrolling through your Instagram or Pinterest feeds, not many are open to the idea of doing the same. And here are some reasons you can start with wall décor ideas. 

1. It is a low-cost solution

There are plenty of affordable wall decoration ideas when you browse online sites and visit local stores. One of which is the wall baskets, which we now know are a great decoration and storage, so might as well give it a try. You will find many affordable basket options in different sizes and shapes at a local second-hand shop or retailer. Keep in mind what is good to mix and match. 

2. Easy to recreate

Other wall designs found in different places, like in an office or museum can inspire you to recreate and add a personal twist. You can still copy that same look by mixing and matching baskets you find online or offline, even on a tight budget. It may not be the same item or design or style, but you can achieve the same vibe with a little bit of creativity and a good eye for detail. 

3. Adds charm and texture to your walls

Wall baskets can add charm and texture to your otherwise dull and plain house walls. Baskets with great weave designs and eye-catching colors add that 3D textural quality to lift these bare walls and spaces. 

Important Tips When Buying Wall Baskets

There are numerous home retailers and second-hand shops to visit for some beautiful and colorful designed baskets. We must admit that it can be overwhelming not knowing where to start. Well, here are some helpful tips for you. 


Most of the baskets you will see in the market are of neutral color, but be patient because you will soon find colorful baskets in the mix. If your design focus is color, then you might want to purchase baskets with a diverse color palette and weave designs.  


Recreating the basket wall you found on Instagram or Pinterest is a good start. But if you want a uniquely designed wall of baskets, then you can choose to start collecting a variety of baskets. Always challenge yourself to execute your interior design vision. You will never know how creative you are until you try. 


Size is a prominent factor in picking out your wall basket decor, so you must be sure that every item suits your wall’s space. Mixing and matching sizes is a good way to test your interior design skills.  However, you can still achieve a great-looking basket wall even when using similar-sized baskets.  

Key Takeaway

Wall baskets are indeed a great addition to any walls in your home. Although it can be challenging to pick out baskets to purchase at first, you will soon get the hang of it. You can always take inspiration from your surroundings,  Instagram, or Pinterest. So what are you waiting for? Start your search for baskets to add to your walls by visiting today.


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