During the Characterization of adolescents from 13 to 15 years old, psychological and social barriers were presented that initially hindered communication, such as:

Inequality between social classes: Society is divided into classes according to purchasing power.

  • Meetings to socialize the project and the participation of all with their perspectives.
  • Workshops to create the self-identification of adolescents with their environment.
  • Reflection sessions on the main problems found in the diagnosis.
  • Reanimation of recreational epl중계 areas in the Las Mercedes Sector.
  • differences of political parties.
  • Divergences of religious beliefs in the homes of adolescents.
  • Methods used from the theoretical level


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A study of the cases was carried out with an individual questionnaire and an instance of group discussion.

Of analysis of the historical and the logical

Its usefulness will be based on the study of the history of the problem related to the systematic incorporation of adolescents in recreational sports activities.

Of analysis and synthesis

It will be used to understand the essence of the problem under study, highlighting the different indicators that demonstrate the motivation of adolescents and the socialization between them due to tastes and preferences.

Of empirical methods


It will be aimed fundamentally at determining tastes and preferences, observing the activities they carry out and their participation.

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Through it, it will be possible to know the free time available for the greater incorporation of adolescents into recreational sports activities.

To all the young people selected in the sports and recreation activities themselves, the diagnosis was applied by group and individual interview, using the movement of Leaders in adolescents, in addition to the application of this method we carry out participatory techniques that allow us to assess recreational needs. and sports.


  • Diagnosis was made :
  • Interview with the factors of the Sector.
  • Group Interview.




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