Healthcare is generally available and reasonably priced in Canada. The universal access healthcare system in Canada includes Alberta Health Services (AHS). Through the publicly financed AHS, citizens of Alberta can benefit from both private services and highly comprehensive coverage. Albertans generally lead exceptionally healthy lives since they are always surrounded by greenery and pure air. Numerous options for camping and fishing are provided by the mountains, more than 600 lakes, coniferous forests, and plains. Compared to other provinces, Alberta real estate is far less expensive. Calgary Homes For Sale are not only far less expensive than the national average, but they are also much more plentiful, so you won’t have to compete for one. Alberta does a great job of making sure that people receive their just compensation. The $15 minimum wage was first introduced in this province, which continues to push the envelope in order to make sure that workers receive what they are due. All employees are paid far more than they would in other provinces, which enables them to spend their money on other fun things. This greater pay is not limited to entry-level and minimum wage positions. Read on for some of the best employers in Alberta.

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Absorb Software

Employees at Absorb Software in Canada receive a semi-monthly reimbursement of $42.50 as part of the company’s global flex allowance, which can be used for anything they may need, including home office purchases, travel, and fitness equipment (no receipts are required). Absorb Software has increased its coverage for mental health professionals (from $500 to $1,000) and promotes staff wellbeing by subscribing to Whil, which provides more than 250 mini-courses on topics including emotional intelligence, mindfulness, and sleep. In addition to matching RSP contributions, Absorb Software provides referral bonuses (up to $3,000) as an incentive for staff members to bring in new hires from their personal networks. This helps staff members save money over the long term.

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Alberta Blue Cross

In order to support vulnerable populations, Alberta Blue Cross established the COVID Community Roots Program to offer grants of up to $5,000 to community-led initiatives across the province’s rural and remote areas. In addition to providing health and wellness spending accounts and up to $2,000 per year to cover the cost of mental health services, Alberta Blue Cross administers a comprehensive health benefits program. With a variety of flexible work options and up to 12 paid personal days annually, Alberta Blue Cross assists employees in balancing unforeseen problems in their daily lives.

Alberta Gaming, Liquor & Cannabis / AGLC

AGLC provides a variety of paid time off options to support families in recognition of the responsibilities workers have outside of the workplace, including three days of personal leave, seven days of family illness leave (to care for immediate family members or attend appointments), and five days of unexpected illness leave. The AGLC provides significant health and wellness spending accounts ($750 and $1,000, respectively), which enable staff to supplement benefits coverage as necessary and designate money to help pay for wellness-related expenses including dietary counseling, physical exercise, and professional development. Through its Active@AGLC program, which coordinates activities and challenges that encourage behavioral changes, AGLC encourages staff to develop healthy habits. Activities include yoga, a fit food challenge, “Walkopoly,” a virtual board game that combines running and walking, and a mindfulness march.

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