Unless you live a fairly sheltered lifestyle that includes very little contact with the culture, you are probably familiar with smart home technology to some degree. Even if that means you have a smart speaker and that’s it. But maybe that is all you know. You are curious to know why people invest in expensive smart home devices. You generally want to know what all the fuss is about.


For starters, the smart home paradigm goes way beyond asking your smart speaker to play your favorite song or using your phone to turn on the patio lights. Today’s smart home devices are capable of some pretty amazing things. From complicated automation routines to linking tasks to your physical location, the boundaries of what smart technologies can do are expanding exponentially.


That in itself is a reason people invest in smart home technology. They want to be on the cutting edge. Technology is their thing, and they cannot stand the thought of being left behind as the smart revolution advances.


People Want to Save Money


There are many other reasons for getting on the smart home train. One of them is to save money. Because certain smart home devices can increase energy efficiency, those in the save money camp have legitimate reasons for jumping in.


A smart thermostat can save money in two ways. First, it is programmable by design. Homeowners can program their thermostats to reduce wasted energy when they are sleeping or away from home. Second, a smart thermostat and artificially learn homeowner’s routine and self-adjust for maximum efficiency. The end result should be lower utility bills.


People Want Convenience


The desire for convenience is one of the things Vivint Smart Home discusses in a 2023 post on their website. It’s one of just 10 advantages to investing in a smart home, at least according to Vivint. Note that convenience takes many forms. Here is an example to make the principle easier to understand:


Imagine parents whose last task at the end of the day is to walk around the house turning off lights and locking doors. It is not really a big deal. However, it would be more convenient to speak a simple phrase like, “lock up” to do everything automatically. It is possible with a fully integrated smart home system.


People Want to Feel Safer


Home automation is not limited to things like temperature and lighting control. There is also the security aspect. Now that security systems have entered the smart era, companies like Vivint are combining home security and automation in one package.


Modern security devices include the basics like window and door sensors, motion detectors, and smoke alarms. More advanced devices include wireless video cameras, broken glass sensors, flood sensors, and medical monitoring devices.


People See the Value


Even though smart homes are not yet the norm, they are quickly heading in that direction. Some people who invest in smart home technology do so because they see the value in it. They understand that younger home buyers want smart features. They understand that investing in such features makes a home more valuable when it comes time to sell.


There is no single reason for investing in smart home technologies. There is no motivation that is better or worse than others. If you want to get involved in the smart home revolution, you do not need to justify your decision. Just do it.


Smart homes are the wave of the future. They are a wave that is just starting to build. At some point, that wave will come crashing into shore. Will you be part of it?


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